Jamal Pipe Industries (PVT) Ltd, manufacturing M.S. and G.I. pipes with diameters ranging from ½ to 18”. These steel pipes are made from hot-rolled coils on an automatic plant and are used for water, gas, oil, poles and scaffoldings etc., with wall thickness ranging from 1.2 mm to 10 mm. Our production is according to the recognized international standards like the BS, JIS, API and ASTM.

Welding is carried out by the ERW (Electric Resistance Welding) process on the latest Japanese high-frequency welding plant, which is a new development in continuous welding technology. The pipes thus made are as good as seamless pipes and are therefore replacing them in many fields. Jamal pipes are also given various treatments such as coating, galvanizing, threading and coupling to ensure excellent service and dependability. Galvanizing is carried out through the latest process called Hot Dip Galvanizing which extends the life of these pipes.





Jamal Pipe is engaged to manufacture ERW Black Steel Linepipe according to the National and International standards from 1/2" to 18" dia.



Jamal Pipe has proper galvanizing facility in order to galvanize requisite ERW Black Steel linepipe and steel tubular poles upto the length of 40 ft.




Jamal Pipe has API certification License No. 5L-0435, thus very much engaged in the manufacturing of ERW API steel linepipes from 1/2" to 18" dia. The requisite API steel linepipe are being used for water,gas and oil projects.




Jamal Pipe is the largest pipe manufacturing industry to manufacture the steel linepipe from 1/2" to 18" dia according to the international recognized standard ASTM A53.




Jamal Pipe is also producing BSS Standard M.S & G.I steel linepie which are being used by the various departments and organizations of repute for the last 25 years.



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UPVC means unplasticised poly vinyl chloride. Unplasticised gives rigidity to the product. Jamal UPVC Pipes are made with modified UPVC compound to give very high impact strength and tesile strength. Pipe made of modified compound does not get brittle over long term use.

The products are manufactured in state of the art latest machines including CNC machines under the strict guidance, vigilance and supervision by a highly skilled & trained technical team.


Long Life
Light in weight
easy installation
Non corrosive
Power saver
No electrolytic depostion
forget leaks and cracks
No corrosion or scale formation
More strenght and less weight
accurate dimensions
Longer life
No maintenance
very economical
simply superior