Guardrails and traffic - separators aim at making roads safer for traffic, preventing vehicles from leaving one carriage - way out of control, and meeting traffic coming in the opposite direction.

Guardrails thus have standardized technical and mechanical features. In particular, they must be made of steel beams which are neither too rigid nor too elastic, but which are able to absorb impact. Posts sunk in the terrain must also support them.

Protective guardrails may be used on all kinds of roads, highways, clearways and mountain roads. As protection against sudden drops or escarpments, bridges, river banks, canals etc.

The purpose of guardrails is to reduce the potential for, the severity of accidents involving vehicles that run off the road.

Thickness (2.7 mm) Grade 355
HR Coil

Produced by

Mechanical Properties


Pakistan Steel Mills
Corporation Ltd. Karachi

Yield Strength (Kg/mm)
Tensile Strength (Kg/mm)
Elongation %





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