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steel line pipes

ERW STEEL LINE PIPES means Electric Resistance Welded Pipe. ERW STEEL LINE PIPES are used in various engineering purposes, fencing, scaffolding, line pipes etc. ERW STEEL LINE PIPES are available in various qualities, wall thicknesses, and diameters of the finished pipes. ERW STEEL LINE PIPES (Electric Resistance Welded) pipes are welded longitudinally, manufactured from Strip / Coil and can be manufactured in different diameters.

The nomenclature 
ERW STEEL LINE PIPES refers to a specific type of welding process that involves seam welding. Seam welding is commonly used during the manufacturing of round, square and rectangular steel tubing.

Steel Line Pipe Schedule is the term used to describe the thickness of a pipe. The outside diameter of a Steel Line Pipes is the same for all Schedules in a particular nominal Steel pipe diameter. The most popular schedule, by far, is 40. For pipe 8-inches and under, Schedule 40 and Standard Weight Steel Line pipe wall thicknesses are the same.

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